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UFO 0.15 Released

UFO 0.15 released. Support added for script addresses that start with a U, old addresses started with 3 which conflicts with Bitcoin. 0.16 next month defaults to SegWit addresses starting with U...


UFO 0.14 Released

Uniform Fiscal Object 0.14 has been released and can be obtained from the URL below. https://github.com/Bushstar/UFO-Project/releases/tag/v0.14.0 Changes included in this release. Performance...

About Uniform Fiscal Object

UNIFORM FISCAL OBJECT is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safely storing and transferring value worldwide


The innovative blending of several hashing algorithms provides strong encryption, thus complete safety of protocol


Fast block times ensures almost instant transactions, regardless of location


Transaction fees are so negligibly low to the point they could be overall ignored


ASIC-resistant design enables anyone with a desktop-grade GPU to mine UFO and be part of the network


The tools you need to get UFO


  • Proof of Work (PoW)
  • NeoScrypt hashing algorithm
  • 90 sec block time
  • 625 coins reward per block
  • Subsidy halving every 400k blocks
  • ~4 billion coins total
  • 6 confirmations per transaction
  • Coin created on 2nd of January 2014


  • NeoScrypt – The newest Scrypt hashing algorithm uses blended Salsa 20/20 and Chacha 20/20, Blake2s for hashing and FastKDF. Read the Whitepaper
  • Time Warp Manipulability – Reduced to the point where its effect is negligible
  • Automatic Checkpointing – This vital feature for any coin prevents transaction roll back from 51% attacks
  • eHRC – enhanced Hashrate Calculation – Difficulty adjustment algorithm


This website has been set up to keep the community informed about important events related to the UFO Coin project, concisely describe how the technology works, issue alerts, help users avoid common mistakes, inform them about the best practices, attract talented people to help improve the technology and the popularity of the protocol.


Our mission is to promote decentralization, improve and spread the adoption of the blockchain technology by active development and promotion. To achieve this, we have drawn an extensive roadmap, underlining the upcoming improvement and changes that are to be brought to the UFO core.

UFO 2018 roadmap

The UFO network, after being updated to the latest available codebase, will add a Lightning Network allowing rapid transactions, bi-directional payment channels, atomic swaps between other cryptocurrencies as well as many other features. Post SegWit enablement, a web hosted wallet will be available with Multisig and SegWit address support and Raw Transaction tools. An overview of the development plan can be found under the roadmap section and more detailed information for current and past releases can be found in the news section.


UFo core 0.9

Autotools for building
UFO-cli utility – Separate RPC from client
OP_RETURN provably unspendable outputs


UFO Core 0.10

Faster synchronization
Dynamic transaction fees
REST interface
Improved signing security
Watch-only support
Consensus library
Relaxed P2SH address rules
UFO-tx utility


UFO Core 0.11

Block file pruning
Big endian support
Memory usage optimization
Stream isolation for Tor
Strict DER encoding for signitures


UFO Core 0.12

libsecp256k1 validation
Direct headers announcement
Reduce upload traffic
NODE_BLOOM service bit
ZMQ notifications


UFO Core 0.13

Segregated Witness

  • Fix transaction malleability
  • Capacity increase
  • Weighting data
  • Signature covers value
  • Scaling of sighash
  • Increased multisig

Compact Block support
Hierarchical Deterministic Key



UFO Core 0.14

Performance Improvements
Network Activity Toggle
Out-of-sync Modal Info Layer
Final Alert
P2P connection management
Introduction of assumed-valid blocks
Fundrawtransaction change address reuse



UFO Core 0.15

Fee Estimation Improvements
Multi-wallet support
Removal of Coin Age Priority
Performance Improvements
Replace-by-fee control in the GUI


UFO Core 0.16

SegWit wallet support
Add a lock to the wallet directory
Introduce ‘label’ API for wallet
Dynamic loading/unloading of wallets 


Community & Contribution

The UFO project is open source and 100% community managed, therefore, its success depends on our collective and active involvement. If you would like to get involved and contribute, need help or want to share a feedback, please connect with us via [email protected] or our social channels.

Our Team

Meet the guys behind UFO


Lead Developer

Peter Bushnell

Peter launched Feathercoin in 2013 and joined UFO in 2014. His journey into cryptocurrency started in 2011 mining Bitcoin before shifting interest into the varied world of alternative cryptocurrencies. Before starting Feathercoin he worked for Brasenose, one of the Oxford University colleges, for 11 years developing administrative systems.


IT Specialist

Rick Xonar

Rick is a Microsoft and ProLiant/Linux Integration Certified Professional with 30 years of experience in the IT field. He provides all-around technical support and social media feedback with his legendary English skills.


Social Media


A core member of the UFO team since 2014., daimyo handles social media and does all the graphics for the client and official website


Financial Support

Marat Kutaranov

Marat has been a crypto currency enthusiast since 2011 and an advocate for Feathercoin and NeoScrypt used by both Feathercoin and UFO. He runs an offline business and helps support crypto currency development.