Hard Fork – Block 1,182,000

IMPORTANT: eHRC – Hard Fork – Block 1,182,000

An advanced difficulty adjustment algorithm has been successfully tested on the 0.10 wallet in testnet and will be enabled on the mainnet on block 1,182,000.

Please make sure you have upgraded before then.

The difficulty adjust after the change uses eHRC (enhanced Hash Rate Calculation) which is also used by Feathercoin, UFO’s implementation differs in that it uses longer samples and does not damp the result to 25% and 75% conventional difficulty adjust but lets eHRC do 100% of the work. Bitcoin adjusts the difficulty by working out how long it should have taken to create two week’s worth of blocks and then compares that to how long it actually took and adjusts accordingly, this works great for Bitcoin with very high and always increasing hash rate but smaller coins where miners jump on and off can get left with incredibly high difficulty for long periods of time.

eHRC adjusts the difficulty every block, it takes three time samples for how long it took to mine 15, 150 and 1,000 blocks then gets the average of those three and compares the resulting block time with the expected block time and adjusts accordingly. This make for a more fine grained difficulty adjust the does not adjust too sharply leaving us with a very high difficulty and is not easily manipulated by savvy miners.