500 000 UFO Logo Contest


As part of our rebranding moves, the Uniform Fiscal Object is looking for its new logo.


Entry by April 5th ‘18

Proposals can be submitted by anyone, except for the UFO team members

The UFO team members will select a winner through a majority vote on April 8th ‘18

No templates or copyrighted material can be used. The author of the selected design does not claim copyright property, the design belongs to Uniform Fiscal Object.

If a submission fails to meet some of these requirements, the UFO team reserves the right to cancel the prize entitlement

How to participate

Put your image on https://ibb.co

Tweet the link at @UFOCoins using the hashtag #UFOlogo

Design guides:

A new artistic direction is required with the main focus on the letter “U”

Entries should be no less than 1024×1024 pixels

Winning design must be made available in vector format and without watermarks

Bounty Prize:

500,000 UFO

Good Luck!