UFO 0.15 Released

UFO 0.15 released. Support added for script addresses that start with a U, old addresses started with 3 which conflicts with Bitcoin. 0.16 next month defaults to SegWit addresses starting with U and adds Bech32 support.


  • Performance Improvements
    • Chainstate database is now per-output instead of a per-transaction model
    • Full UTXO cache now used
    • Reduced redundant script validation
    • LevelDB upgraded to 1.20
    • Keypool refill sped up
  • Rescanning with encrypted wallets
  • addwitnessaddress, abortrescan, combinerawtransaction, estimaterawfee, getchaintxstats, listwallets and uptime RPC calls added
  • Fee Estimation Improvements
  • Multi-wallet support
  • Removal of Coin Age Priority
  • Mempool Persistence Across Restarts

Download UFO 0.15 from the release GitHub page: