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Bitparax Exchange

Bitparax Exchange

15 May 20 #exchanges

Users can trade virtual currencies (commonly known as cryptocurrencies) by creating buy orders (bids) or sell orders (asks). Users can specify the total amount of currency they wish to buy or sell, and the rate they wish to trade at. Once the order is created, it is automatically matched against any existing orders and if any are found – the transaction will occur. If the order is not filled or only partially filled, the order is placed on the order book until a matching order can complete the request. A buy order is matched against a sell order, and vice versa. If the buying rate of an order is higher than the lowest rate of a sell order, the transaction will proceed by automatically being matched to the lowest sell order.

You can cancel your open orders at any time. An order that has been executed cannot be reversed.

By using this Exchange, you agree not to complain or engage any persons or parties, for any loss of funds during the trading process caused by incorrect price or amount input, wrong withdrawal addresses or by any other action you are responsible for or not, including any actions of other people, unavailability of the website or system failure. Order book spam prohibited and can lead to order cancellation by exchange staff.

Visit: https://bitparax.com/trading/ufobtc