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  • Ufodex.io: atomic swap exchange
    15 May 20
    Exchange crypto securily via atomic swap supported natively by Bitcoin, UFO and altcoins blockchains. UfoDex server-side software has no access to your coins and private keys. From now on - forget about trusting the exchange!

  • Bitparax Exchange
    15 May 20
    Users can trade virtual currencies (commonly known as cryptocurrencies) by creating buy orders (bids) or sell orders (asks). Users can specify the total amount of currency they wish to buy or sell, and the rate they wish to trade at. Once the order is created, it is automatically matched against any existing orders and if any are found – the transaction will occur. If the order is not filled or only partially filled, the order is placed on the order book until a matching order can complete the request.

  • Dex Delion
    15 May 20
    Dex based on Bitshares blockchain.