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  • UFO ver. 0.18.0 released
    31 Jul 19 By Ricardo (x0nar)
    This release is the Bitcoin 0.18 codebase ported to UFO. For a full list of changes please refer here.

  • CoinKit unlocks $UFO
    01 Jul 19 By Ricardo (xonar)
    To celebrate the release of monetized tweets, CoinKit decided to unlock the feature for $UFO.

  • UFO ver. 0.17.1 released
    08 Jun 19 By Ricardo (x0nar)
    UFO 0.17.1 released, updated to work more with the block header index than full blocks. Soon the BTC code alignment.

  • Ufodex available in Spanish and Italian
    16 Apr 19 By Ricardo (x0nar)
    Spanish and Italian languages have been applied to ufodex. Please visit

  • UfoDex Atomic Swap Exchange
    15 Apr 19 By Ricardo (x0nar)
    The UFO DEX Atomic Swap exchange is online. Please check