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  • Peter Bushnell
    Mar 03, 2021
    Peter launched Feathercoin in 2013 and joined UFO in 2014. His journey into cryptocurrency started in 2011 mining Bitcoin before shifting interest into the varied world of alternative cryptocurrencies. Before starting Feathercoin he worked for Brasenose, one of the Oxford University colleges, for 11 years developing administrative systems. Starting from 2019 Peter is taking part in Bitcoin and Omni development.

  • Rick Xonar
    Mar 03, 2021
    Rick is a Microsoft and ProLiant/Linux Integration Certified Professional with 30 years of experience in the IT field. He provides all-around technical support and social media feedback about UFO.

  • Marat Kutaranov
    Mar 03, 2021
    Marat has been a crypto currency enthusiast since 2011 and an advocate for UFO, Feathercoin and NeoScrypt used by both Feathercoin and UFO. He runs an offline business and helps support crypto currency development.